Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Whiterock..10 days to go.

With less than two weeks before my most anticipated race of the year, the Whiterock Long Distance Triathlon, i am up to my final preparations. I have been reading my Triathlete's Training Bible (Joe Friel) to make sure that i would not mess up my final preps.

This is the time for taper (as i keep reminding myself). I have greatly reduced my daily training volume. Shorter workouts but still maintaining race intensities. I have wished to peak in time for the race.

I am so excited participating again in a race but also feeling edgy. I can't help it since this is my first tri on such distance. A half-ironman. My goal is just to finish it. Maybe, i would be crossing the finishline at the 6 hr-30min mark.Hopefully. But no pressure. My race time will just be a gravy. As they say, "finish your first, race the next".

And i am determined to finish it...


Official Roster of Participants at :

Animated course map:


Anonymous said...

My best wishes to you Norman. Kaya mo yan!!! Looking forward to your Whiterock recap. Rockstar ka na kapatid!!!!


Anonymous said...


thanks for your wishes..