Thursday, August 28, 2008

WRT Training - Week 11

Week Training Summary
August 18 to 24

AM - Bike: LONG RIDE 5hrs (Pililia)
PM - Run: 30mins Min-Med-Mad Intervals
AM - Weights / Core Training
AM - Bike: Bike Trainer for 1hr Spinning
AM - RUn: 1hr (run in the middle of the rain.yuhuu!)
On my Bike Trainer..4.30am.

AM - Run: LONG Run, 2.45hours, started at 3.15am (weird!)
AM - Bike : Bike commute to MASA and Office
AM - Swim: 1.30 hrs, 2,000m
AM - Bike: 1.20hrs Spinning / 10 mins HArd
AM - Run: right after bike..for 20mins.
AM - Bike: to Work
AM - Bike: 20 mins to The Fort and MASA
AM - Run: 30mins Easy
AM - Swim, 1.15hrs
AM - Bike: LONG Bike, 4 hrs (boso-boso ride)
PM - Swim: 1,3 hrs (Recovery)

TOTAL HRS FOR THE WEEk : 24 HRS and 25mins

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mindfulness and Athletic Excellnce


This essay originally appeared in the Summer 2007 issue of USA Triathlon Life.

Consistent aerobic exercise promotes overall health – not just physical, but mental and emotional health as well. Our healthy multi-sport lifestyle is closely correlated to the mindfulness we develop during our training. Like aerobic capacity, our capacity for mindfulness enhances quality of athletic performance and quality of life. In this column we define mindfulness and identify its functional value.

Mindfulness? The term mindfulness appears frequently in Buddhist teachings and texts as the first of seven factors for enlightenment. Jack Kornfield describes it very simply in “Seeking the Heart of Wisdom” as “a clear awareness of what is happening each moment”. Mindfulness strengthens concentration and kinetic awareness. We swim, bike and run more intelligently. We go faster and farther with less effort and energy; we recover faster and minimize incurrence of injury. Certainly these are primary intentions all endurance athletes share. Mindfulness offers an effective and direct path to athletic improvement, regardless of age, gender, fitness or experience level.

Through mindfulness, we see directly and immediately for ourselves exactly what is present and true here and now. Coaches are indispensable in helping us to construct a periodized training program, and they can point out areas where our awareness and perception are lacking. However, only you and I can accurately perceive what is immediately present and true as we train. We can have the perfect training program, and execute each and every workout, but if we train in “auto-pilot” without our utmost awareness, our precious time and energy will not yield the greatest possible dividends in sport or in life. We’re just going through the motions. Life is too precious for that!

Motivating mindfulness: That next high-priority race can give you a strong and passionate desire to excel, and a powerful incentive for developing mindfulness. But it’s easy to slip back into “auto-pilot”, to settle back into a mediocre existence once you turn off the heart rate monitor and dismount the bike. To truly enjoy the health and vitality of our multi-sport lifestyle, we must relentlessly pursue mindfulness each and every moment of our lives. What powerful motivator exists in our lives for this relentless pursuit?
Carlos Castaneda wrote a series of books recording the experiences and teachings he received from his Yaqui Indian teacher Don Juan, a shaman from Central Mexico. Don Juan spoke to him about the value of keeping death as a close advisor. If we retain a constant awareness of our impending death, we are much more apt to be here now, to live attentively, impeccably and completely, without lapses in judgment or perception.

We go to great lengths to hide and ignore death, to maintain security and stability. Yet, none of us escapes death. We challenge our athletic limitations so we can venture outside the stagnancy of security, to embrace the exhilaration of uncertainty and, ultimately, death. Through the perseverance of consistent training, we experience humility, develop patience, and find gratitude in the simplest things. Humility, patience and gratitude enable us to embrace and befriend death as a powerful and somehow compassionate motivator. With this motivation, we apply ourselves completely to each and every moment as we go through our day-to-day lives, with clarity and integrity.

It’s no coincidence that some of us find inspiration to train and race as a response to the death or terminal diagnosis of a loved one. Mindful training and racing enable us to affirm and empower life, yet, at the same time, acknowledge and embrace death. Our motivation to train and race faster, through mindfulness rather than desperate exertion, comes from the feeling that, with impending death, our time and energy are precious. We make the most of each and every moment through mindfulness. We are certain to experience tremendous joy, energy and satisfaction, regardless of whether we attain our desired athletic goals or not. When we are fully engaged here and now, we feel alive and grateful for the gift of life. This is truly the essence of our multi-sport lifestyle. Joy, satisfaction, health, aliveness and gratitude are the rewarding assets that fuel our multi-sport lifestyle. These attributes are more certain and gratifying than climbing the podium.

Mindfulness and the mainstream: Do you recall any advertisements in your favorite tri magazine touting products that promise to enhance performance through mindfulness? If mindfulness is this great and fantastic thing for athletic excellence, then why don’t we see more mention of it? The reason for the obscurity of mindfulness is its lack of substance and tangibility, its lack of marketability.
Mindfulness is not something we can directly measure, grab a hold of, or bottle and sell. However, if we experience improvement in our performance without an increase in perceived exertion, it may very well be improved economy, efficiency and grace – the result of proprioceptive mindfulness. When we find ourselves deriving satisfaction and happiness from the simplest activities and accomplishments in our daily lives, it is mindfulness that delivers us here and now.

Training techniques: Since it lacks substance and tangibility, since we cannot ingest it or mount it on our bikes, it’s a real challenge to strengthen mindfulness with the same certainty that we strengthen aerobic fitness. The most effective technique to assure that we strengthen them simultaneously is our approach to training. We take the time to clear our minds of all distractions and preoccupations, to set a clear intention each time we begin a training session. With this clear approach, no training session includes junk miles, be it a high intensity swim interval set, an arduous long run, or a simple recovery bike ride. With clear mindful intention, we execute each swim or pedal stroke, each run stride with perfection. Conduct some of your training sessions in solitude to develop the inner focus of mindfulness through movement.
Yoga, T’ai chi and sitting meditation are three effective practices for developing mindfulness. Conscious breath is the common denominator. Even if our daily lives are too demanding to include one of these traditional disciplines, we can consistently progress towards mindfulness through conscious breathing – during our training sessions and during our daily activities. It is the most effective way of disengaging the mind from that incessant commentary that prevents mindfulness. Sustaining conscious breath is simple, but profoundly difficult. Yet, we are endurance athletes, endowed with humility, patience, perseverance, gratitude, grace and mindfulness. With these attributes, we accomplish miracles.

Every moment of your life counts. Be mindful.

Shane Eversfield, author of “Zendurance, A Spiritual Fitness Guide for Endurance Athletes”, offers Effortless Power Workshops that focus on developing mindfulness through movement.

WRT Training - Week 10

An update on my training for the WRT Half IronMan....

Week Summary of Training - August 11 to 17, 2008
Build 1 - Week 2

Monday :
Rest and Recovery

Tuesday :
AM - Weights/Core Training AA Phase 1hr
PM - Run / Easy for 45 mins

Wednesday :
AM - Bike / 45mins (Bike to Work)
AM - Swim / T.I. Drills 1hr 2mins

Thursday :
AM - Run / Long Run for 2.15mins
AM - Bike / Easy Bike to Work for 30mins

Friday :
AM - BIke / Trainer for 20mins
AM - Swim / T.I. Drills 1hr & 30mins
AM - Bike to MASA for 30mins

Saturday :
AM - Run / Light for 15 mins w/ Nike Trialling
PM - Swim 2,000 meters for 1hr & 30 mins
PM - Run / 20mins med to max

Sunday :
AM - Bike / 30kM Middle gear, 10km Heavy
PM - Swim / 2,000meters

TOTAL TIME FOR THE WEEK : 14 hrs and 15mins

I have to re-adjust my training schedules due to an injury (sprained ankle on week 3) and Upper Respiratory Infection on Week 7. More or less a total of 3 weeks were consumed (without training of course) recovering from the said "mishaps".
But then again, tapos na yun...I got depressed for a time knowing that i am behind my training, but i got to move on..better late than never.

kaya pa yan!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My FREE Nike Lunar Racer...i luuuuv it!!

My new Nike Lunar Trainer!!!..and i got it for FREE!!!.Yooohoooo!!!!!!!!!.it can't be any cooler than that..

I was so lucky to be invited by Nike, through Mr. Nino Sinco (i really love this guy.he's like a father to me), to be one of the a few selected participants to the Nike Lunar Racer Trialling today at the Bonifacio High Street.

This "by invitation only" event was participated by a mix of runners, triathletes, gym enthusiasts and other athletes.Notable personalities present were Mark & Doray Ellis of Fitness First, TV celebs and fellow triathletes Drew Arrellano and Paolo Abrera, socialite Tessa Prieto and Patrick Concepcion. There are a few familiar faces that i've already seen somewhere, either on TV or print ads, but i cannot remember their names.Like i also saw the lead female lead vocals of Session Road, whom i have met last Ateneo Big Blue Run. Just her name didn't register to me.Sama ko..

Anyway, the group was gathered in front of the Nike Store in Bonifacio High Street (cool store!!) at around 6am. Estimated participants is less than 100. I am really one of the few lucky souls to be invited.

The event started with the registration of the participants. Upon registration (and checking whether your name is in their list or not), we were initially given a Nike Singlet and a pair of Nike di ba...and even cuuullleer, when i began to fit the Nike Lunar Trainer Shoes that was reserved for me..and it was a perfect fit..Ganda pa ng kulay!!!

So i got up from my sit and prep up for the test run.I started to mingle with my new found friends (and they're very very friendly!!). They are one of the members of the growing running group, Happy Feet.I finally met Doctor Oknoy, Mon, Ben (photographer on the run) Patrick Concepcion, and some others, but i cannot their names (my sorry!).These guys are so accomodating and very down-to-earth.

So after the prep-ups and a few poses (and some more poses) with the cameras (both from the media photographer and a handful of digicams, including Tessa Prieto's), we started to run and test the new Nike Lunar Trainer.

The run is short, just around 2K, circling around the Bonifacio High Street block.The pace was just "conversational".I was able to talk with Pat since we are running side by side for a time, and got a piece of his mind.I must say, he is one cool guy.

Anyway, after the run, a one-pager questionaire was distributed to us, para sa aming mga feedbacks regarding the shoes.
and my verdict (initial)....

..........from the initial run, i must say, i liked the shoes.The cushioning is great.You're like running on the surface of the moon (sort of).Cooly and smoothly bouncing up and down.

.......... the shoes fit snugly.It is very comfortable.Considering that this is just the first time i'm running with the shoes.Normally, new shoes are a bit stiff when they are just out of the box.But this one, it didn't felt that way.

...... i liked the color. White and luminous green. It's a bit loud, but obviously not as loud as my yellow Mizuno Racing Flats.

I can't think of any lowdown as of yet.As i said to Mr. Nino Sinco, i have to give the shoes a few mores runs, and a long run, for me to be able to fully judged the shoes.My above-mentioned verdict are just based on the initial run.Medyo limited. But, i am really excited with this one. I am looking forward on testing it further.

The event ended with the little briefing with the Nike Lunar technology. The Nike marketing guy gave us a visual presentation (through an LCD TV) of the said new technology.
To give you a teaser of the said technology, here it is (taken from

Read on.

NIke Lunar Trainer
Paradigm-shifting technology creates a new running experience with the Nike Lunar Trainer+ Men's Running Shoe, an excellent lightweight, responsive ride with superior cushioning.
  • LunarLite foam for ultra-lightweight, springy cushioning

  • Breathable mesh upper

  • Nike Free last for anatomical fit

  • Geometrically placed outsole lugs for shock absorption

  • BRS 1000 rubber in high abrasion areas on outsole

  • Nike+ ready
The Technology
Flywire helps provide ultra-lightweight support and comfort for your foot. It gets its strength from thin Nylon fibers strategically placed on the upper of the shoe to hold the foot in place, helping to reduce slippage during activity. This allows for a massive reduction in weight because material is there only where it’s needed for structure.
LunarLite foam is 30% lighter than standard Phylon and provides ultra-lightweight and springy cushioning for your foot. Encased in a Phylon or Phylite midsole, this new foam compound, invented at Nike, delivers cushioning that’s soft and not too mushy. It allows impact force to be more evenly distributed and helps reduce painful pressure points on your foot
Nike+ is designed for athletes who like to run with music and who want to measure and monitor their progress toward their goals. To get instant workout feedback, you’ll need Nike+ ready shoes and either a Nike+ SportBand or an iPod® nano and Nike + iPod Sport Kit (which includes a sensor and iPod nano receiver). When placed under the sockliner of the left Nike+ ready shoe, the sensor measures your pace, distance, time elapsed and calories burned. This information is transmitted wirelessly to the receiver for real-time audio feedback while you listen to your favorite workout music. Learn more at


So there you have it..The new Nike Lunar Trainer..If you are one of those who liked it, don't go to your favorite Nike shoe store just yet..It is not yet available in the Philippine market..It is to be released this October 2008 pa (and that makes me even luckier.hehe.).

I was able to talk w/ Drew and Paolo..Drew is doing WhiteRock Triathlon din pala this October. He is also training for it....Si Paolo, mahaba na daw sa kanya yung Whiterock.His exact words were 'pang Olympic lang to pre'.So he is not doing it.

so there you have it once again..this is one truly blessed morning for me..Free stuffs, cool people, cool venue..i can't ask for anything more..

let's go running!!!!!!!

Pictures courtesy of Jaymie, thebullrunner.

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Club Mwah! experience

My Club Mwah! experience..What a show!!Galing!! Here's a photo-op for one of the performers of the show..hulaan niyo kung totoong babae yan.

It was a birthday treat for us managers by our company president/owner Mr. William Chua..

and what a treat!!..

It started with a dinner at Club Filipino. And of course, it was a feast.Filipino dishes were served, and it was really sumptous.Halos hindi na ako makagalaw sa kabusugan.hehe...At the dinner, we were also joined by the ever down-to-earth wife of our boss, Madame Mavis Chua.
Madame Mavis is one of the few unassuming people i know.Sobrang bait.

After the dinner, we went to Club Mwah!..It is located along Boni Avenue in Mandaluyong. Very near to where i live.

We arrived a little late for the show. But still, we were able to witness some of the great performances.Like the spoof of Miss Saigon (hilarious!) and the beautiful and grandiose dance finale number.I felt like i was in Las Vegas (never actually got to Las Vegas yet), but just like in the movies.hehe.And the performers were not actually ladies, but equally beautiful,or some were even prettier than the real ones.No kidding!!Kala mo talaga mga babae.

ASide from its world-class performance, the next best thing about this place is the ambiance and the people who come and visit Club Mwah!!. Check out their site and see who they are...

As we are about to end our night-out, we were able to meet the owner of the club, Mr. Pocholo Malilin.He is apparently a close friend of Madame Mavis Chua.
Here's our group picture with Pocholo and Madame Mavis.Yung iba, officemates kong makukulit (translation: fun-loving!!)

And More Pics!!!!

The fun-loving managers of WSPPI with one of our Australian supplier (second from the right).

From left to right: The lady in Blue, the ever sosyalera, Maila; the promdi (hehe.peace) JM; next, myself; Menard, the caviteno killer; our GM, the beautiful Ms. Cecille; the silent operator, Ivy Chua; behind her, Richie "the Lover Boy' Laguda, big boss of Philmont Publishing; Law "the good boy turned lover boy" Lacson; Karen "the big girl" Favis; Melody "Cory" Chua; behind her in Black, one of the Club Mwah! performers; RJ "mr. techie" Ordonez; Kate, our foreign supplier; and last, Tin "Monaliza" Falqueza.

With Tin, our HR Manager, and Menard (S.Luzon Manager)

With our super-game COOL big boss (wearing red), our dear president/owner of the company, Mr. William Chua..

Thanks for the treat boss!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Long Run....and the thoughts that comes with it..

Long Run…

To prepare for the WRT (WhiteRock Triathlon), which will require a 20km run, a once a week long run, about 2 hours or 20km, is a necessity. It is a simulation of the distance that you will cover during the race.At least for the run leg.

So, hard it is, but extremely important..

I woke up at 4.50am. A little bit ahead of my cellphone alarm which was set last night at 5am.I immediately got up to take a shower. It has been my strategy to immediately take a shower after waking up para matanggal agad ang katamaran.hehe…

After my morning routines, I was able got out from my house at 5.15am.Pretty quick!!Did my stretching routine, and I was off running at 5.20am.This will be a long non-stop run at a slow steady pace for 2 hours..Of course, I brought my hydration pack and filled it with my energy drink to keep my hydrated during the entire run..Also I brought my Sony cellphone with an MP3 player and earphones just in case I got bored along the way.

From my Mandaluyong house, i will be heading to Makati..

During my long runs, I usually entertain a lot of thoughts. Looots of it!!..What is there to do anyway aside from the repetitious up and down running for long hours..I have to do it to keep me entertained as well.

And this run is no exception..Let me share some of the thoughts that occupied me during the entire run.

Thoughts on my Ateneo High School Batchmates

Since I just attended a mini-reunion with some of my batchmates just recently, and had created a looooong blog entry as well for my batchmates to read (I am actually glad that my batchmates are beginning to like what I write), I am in my “High School Mood”.
One attestation is that, my Sony cellphone, is loaded with music from the 90’s.I got Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, STP, and some more. I downloaded the songs from the internet for FREE. Thanks for this cool site

Anyway, during the run, I thought of my batchmates a lot. I contemplated on what Kirk Tate, our incumbent batch prez, had said on his e-mail in response to my blog regarding the genuine love that we had for each of our batchmates. Suddenly, I felt lucky to be one of the Ateneo Batch 93.You can’t be any happier knowing that you have someone out there (just needed to be discovered) that truly loves you as a brother..Though you might think that this is somehow ma-drama, but heck, that is how I really feel.. And I also feel the same genuine love for each of them.
I also recalled what Steve Realuyo had said. It is magical when you are with your high school batchmates.Truly it is!!..Truly a magical moment when you are with a group that you haven’t been with for the last 15 years, and yet, you are one of them in one occasion telling stories as if it just happened yesterday... You can’t help but to feel young again.
And now, I look forward to the next “hirilingan”, “mini-reunion”, or whatever you call it. I crave for more magical moments..Sino ba naman ang aayaw na maging bata uli??..The occasion is a good break as well from our own daily grinds…

Thoughts on WRT Triathlon

Of course, I thought about WRT..This is what I train for anyway!hehe..This is the reason why I am running now.
I got a big boost to train more for the said event when Resty from Herbalife called me last night telling me that I will have to submit now my WRT application form to Herbalife.. That translates to Herbalife sponsoring my (and among others) participation to WRT.Astig!! I feel like a PRO-ATHLETE everytime this sponsorship comes….Free Entry Fee (which is P6K, laking tipid di ba)..Free Transportation to Whiterock (riding in a coaster exclusively for the Herbalife Athletes.Tipid sa Gas!)…Free Hotel accomodation for 3 days and 2 nights (have to be there two days before the race for the recon of the race route)...and maybe, a Free Tri Suit.It’s a maybe because they have just released to us a new Tri-Suit last Subic Triathlon...Baka lang naman magbigay pa uli.hehe.

With all of those of freebies, saan ka na?!. In Bikol, saen ka pa?!!!...My running pace at this point just got a bit faster thinking about this sponsorship thing.Ginanahan bigla!..i truly feel like a pro-athlete (syempre I AM NOT) occurs only in my dreams that I am one..i am just being auspicious now to be with a great organization like Herbalife..Cheers to Herbalife and to the people behind it (Big Bosses, Resty, and Joy)….Joy is the one who introduced me to Herbalife..Resty is the one who includes my name in the list of Herbalife triathletes.He somehow lobbies for me.hehehe…..and the Big Bosses of Herbalife who approves it….i am truly grateful!!..From the bottom of my heart.

And of course, as I said, my running pace got faster…WRT is just a month and a half away…As my show of gratitude to Herbalife, i will be more dyed-in-the-wool to train…See ya at the finish line!!

Top 5 Songs on my MP3

As my energy depletes, running for an hour and half now, I thought of plugging my MP3 for a boost. I already primed the songs that I would want to hear and save it in a playlist.
And here’s the top 5 songs I have prepared:

1.) I Can Only Imagine – by Mercy Me
2.) Redeemer – Nicole C. Mullen
These two songs were used in a video of Team Hoyt (I’ll be posting the video here soon).These are powerful songs to me.Everytime I hear these, I can picture in my mind the video of Team Hoyt, wherein the father “carries” his son with CP (Celebral Palsy) to finish an Ironman Race.The images on the video is moving and inspiring.

3.) Lose Yourself by Eminem
4.) Master of Puppets by Metallica – master..master..master of puppets im pulling your strings…twisting your mind, smashing your dreams…blinding by me, can’t see a thing
5.) This Is A Call by Foo Fighters

As I plug the earphones to my ears, and upon hearing these songs, my pace picked-up once again. As if I had just started the run…Great help!!

Upon seeing my house where I live, I felt a sigh of relief.Finally, I am about to finish this long run. I checked in my clock, I have been running for 2hours and 15 mins..I am little over than what I have planned, but that’s alright!..It is even better, I thought.

Another training had passed..and this is one definitely fulfilling..hard it is.but that what makes it fulfilling.

Another set of thoughts during the next long run??Yes...Maybe, I’ll think of my batchmates again, or maybe not…Kahit anong thoughts basta entertaining.Something that will fill me during the long run.

Long Run for this week..CHECK!!!...Long Bike naman this weekend..


Monday, August 11, 2008

a night to remember

a night to remember..indeed!!!

nothing beats talaga when you are with old friends..not just old friends, but old buddies..kung sain nakaibahan mo kaidtong mga panahon na nagkakamuwang ka palang. kaibahan mo for 4 years...and those are your high school friends..or shall i call it high school doesn't matter now whether kabarkada mo man kaidto o dae..naka klase mo man kaidto o dae..naka puksaan mo man kaidto o dae (nice beldad!)..gabos kang iyo o dae that we can think of, mayo nang halaga yan ngonian.after 15 years (imagine that!), pag nagkakahirilingan, mayong kasing ugma..uma atikabong iristoryahan.its like kasu ugma lang nangyari.

and here's where i am coming from.

High School Mini-Reunion at the Fort, Pier One, August 2008 Edition..

Once again, naisipan na naman kang grupo na madalas mag urulay sa ateneo high school e-group na maghirilingan..Siguro, batong bato na naman sa buhay ang mga ini, or stressed na naman sa trabaho (i thought!)hehehe...for whatever reason, it is always a good idea.

nag abot ako sa pier one mga bandang alas-nueve..medyo huri ako this time ta pighatod ko pa si tugang ko sa airport.. i parked my car almost at the same spot the last time i was here, attending to the same occasion...And to my surprise, as i walk inside Pier One, my high school buddies were seated exactly at the same spot where we were the last time din...coincidence?maybe not.strategic kaya tong lugar na ito ta agihan kang mga the same time, puede ka pang maka "baksyo".hehehehe...(medyo haloy ko nang dae nagamit ang word na "baksyo") short, the spot is what you will want to be pag mahilig ka sa siisay pa man ang mga yan?

Ang naka tukaw sa best seat, mayong iba kundi si glenn ' david cook' abrera..i was immediately greeted by him when i arrived.he was the usual gwaping as i knew him in high school.and can you imagine, my GF na 24 years!.at our age now, akion na ang arog kaining mga edad.hehe..

btw, glenn is my kababayan. we used to live in Calabanga, Cam. Sur, when we were still studying.our relatives still live there..i can still remember, nag kakawat pa kami ka yan ning basketball sa hometown mi..magka rival pa ngani pag inter-barangay tournaments...i must say, star player yan si Glenn.

saro si glenn sa mga ka-batch ko na always in the mood sa arog ka ning fact, sya mismo ang pirming nag aagda na mag hirilingan.always active sa e-groups (mayo garong ginigibo sa office.hehe)..sana, kadakol pang maging active arog kay Glenn..keep it up bro!

Also "in the house" is Mr. Jeric "the master jerick" Occiano..and to my surprise, kaibahan si misis..hmmm. i smell trouble (joke lang jeric!).

Occiano (as i call him back in high school) had also greeted me with a warm smile.We handshaked, and he introduced me to his wife..He quickly whispered na mala-Jaworski daa ini mag bantay....I later confirmed kay misis nya na bako sanang mala-Jaworski, kundi mala-Kevin Garnett pa!!(2008 NBA Defensive Man)..Grabe daa kaya ini si Jeric, according kay misis nya..Kaliwa't kanan ang mga babaeng fans.There were a handful of lady names na nabanggit ni misis nya na somewhat na-involve kay Jeric.Dae na makuntento...From the words of his wife, "last chance na ni Jeric ito".hehehe.

I wonder lang kung anong ginibo kay pading Jeric kan misis nya kaidtong nadakop siya..Pig para latob garo..

Ngonian, feeling ko, daog na daog na ining si Jeric (o kaya man nagpapa good shot pa.hehe)..Dae maka girong ning gayo pag nagtataram na si misis ngirit na sana..garo dae maka kontra ta totoo ang mga sinasabi ni misis..hehe.
pero in farinees, si Jeric ang life of the party, as they say.kung laratikan man lang, first honor na ni..maogma kaibahan.garo man sna mayong pinag bago..always a funny guy!

anaway, sina Glenn at Jeric (pati si Misis nya, asin kasambahay) palang si mga naabutan ko kang pag -abot ko..marayo pa si mga nagturuga sa e-group na maabot..pero, maabot daa ara atyan..

...and true enough, nag arabot mananggad.

The arrivals (si mga nag arabot after me in choronological order)..

Ronnel "Charles Bronson" Beldad.

Shortly after i arrived, nag abot naman si Beldad..todo ang ngirit pag abot, asin mahamutun.kakahale pa lang daa nya sa harong nya..medyo hinuhugakan na daa syang mag atindir kuta..nagtutunog muna kung maduman ako(touch ako padi!).

Take note of this, he came all the way from San Pedro, Laguna...Digdi man ako bilib kay Beldad.This is the second time he attended this event sa parehong lugar.Mayo saiya ang presyo kang gasolina, o kaya ang pagal kang pag-drive ning harayo, basta maka jamming nya lang ang mga ka-batch niya...Dae ko lang aram kung may crush sya sa mga ka-batch ta kaya nahihigusan.hehehe...pero dae man most of us have known, Beldad was the "macho type" man during our high school days (or even now)..dae ka mag suba suba kaidto kay Beldad ta puniti ang abot mo..Even with his small frame then, kinakatakutan yan.Makusog ang boot kung baga..and that what beats his opponent.takot na tulos....luckily for me, dae ko nakasagupa kaidto si beldad.and have no plan of doing so back then.garo kaya para gadan (hehe.peace padi!!)..medyo extreme na ang para gadan.i see him lang as mayong uurungan.dawa dakula ka pa..dae ko lang aram kung papalagan nya man si Joseph Moll kaidto.hehehe.dakulaun to!

But in fairness to Beldad, he is all different now..kung mahihiling mo ngonian si beldad, garo na santo..mayo pa man guiraray sina santo.hehehe..suba lang!!.maboot na sya ngonian.mahinahon na..and to best describe him, disente na..i understand, he had already completed his masteral course recently..astig di ba!!.


Steve "the sharp shooter" Realuyo

Habang sinusurat ko iniyo, there's an on-going discussion between Steve and Beldad regarding sa pi-reveal kong secret kang high school pa kami involving Steve..i am laughing to death!!!..i won't reveal it here though.sori.but it think, nasabi naman sa e-group.

anyway, nag abot si steve mga bandang alas dies garo..i am happy na he made it kasi he had told me sa e-mail the other day na dae sya sure na maka abot ta may lakaw pa sya..but, he made it!!

He was greeted by the group immediately as he arrived.Of course,there are as happy as i am seeing steve..pig istorya nya tulos na hale pa lang sya sa sarong irinuman..and that's his excuse kaya dae na sya makakainom (hehehe.peace padi!!)..kaya, ang pig-order na lang nya, kape!!!..kape???garo napasala si steve..pier-one baga ang pig dinumanan nya, bakong starbucks..hehe..
naka duwang order ning kape si Steve...kung aram ko lang, as Mcdo na lang kami nag hirilingan ta libre ang re-fill.hehehe..

Suba man lang kay pading steve...

Si steve, i am calling him the "sharp shooter" ta he is very involved into Airsoft shooting..itong garo Paintball, but they are using airsoft guns (i hope tama ang mga terminologies ko.hehe)..astig ini pading hobby ni Steve ta iyo ini tong nahihiling ko sa TV sa naka sul-ot ning full battle gear.garo totoong sundalo ang get-up.pati ang mga badil garo totoo..and to top it all, ang baradilan, garo man man totoo..exciting di ba!!

at exciting din ang mga pina hiling ni Steve na mga pictures..he showed us pictures ni Maui Taylor na kaibahan nya sa Airsoft, and among others..pero, ang mas nakapagpa-impress sa grupo, ay ang picture kan agom ni Steve.Magayon!!Magayunon!!....the group is even short of getting envied..ara!!!..ano daa ta si Steve naka agom ning arog kaidtong beldad ngani, garo grabe ang pagka ara..ano daa ta siya dae maka kua.mas gwapo man daa sya kay steve.hehehe..

Steve is now currently working as Senior Planning Officer sa Asian Terminals Incorporated...yan ang sabi kang calling card nya..and he is now doing well..good luck pading steve!!


Giovanni "Chikito" Villadarez

Sori pading Giovanni.Chikito pa man guiraray ang apod ko saimo..hehehe.
I started making an apology kay padi for still calling him "chikito" because it doesn't fit now to his current stature.but i hope oks lang kay padiiiii..

Chikito is here in the Philippines taking up medicine (tama padi?)..his family is in Florida.Not in Florida-blanca in Pampanga, but Florida of US..astig!!!he is now doing duty on various hospitals around the Metro.I suppose patapos na siya sa kanyang studies...Nasa Mental Hospital sya ngonian (not as an inmate of course....pero mukhang inmate naman sana.hehehe.nice padi).Previously, nasa Fabella Hospital sya (bakong kadakol nag aaki duman??? e di bastante ang mga nahiling mo.hehehe)..Iba ibang hospital ang dinudumanan nya kaya iba iba man ang address nya.naka istar sya ngonian sa Fersal Inn dyan sa may Makati Ave..Dati daa sa Fersal sa Manila..
Kababayan ko man ini si Giovanni sa Calabanga.kaya he is closer to my heart like Gingin..though dae kami kaidto nagka klase, nakaka sabay ko man sya sa jeep pag pauli.iyo na ito ang bonding mi.hehe.

but as i said, sa States na talaga naka base sya, asin ang saiyang family. may duwa naman sindang aki ni misis a proof, he even showed to us his Florida driver's license.iba na talaga!!
it is always fun to be with chikito (what do you expect, hehe)..he can be very serious with some topics, but at the same time can be very game as well come laratikan..kung baga, dae pikon..down to earth...siguro next time, i will be asking him na baka kaipohan nya ning garderner o kaya driver sa Florida.Maka iba lamang.hehe.
By the way (istorya ko lang), kataid palan ni pading chikito si Occiano sa Pier One. At one point, nadangong ko na garo nag uulay sinda in i came closer..iyo mananggad..nag iinglesan si duwa..Siyempre si pading chikito since hale sa States, maurag mang-ingles.with matching accent pa..garo ngani kano mag occiano, medyo na kakapirit, nag nose bleed..nag surunggo..haros na ubos si tissue sa lamesa sa kakapunas kang dunggo.hehehe.....well of course, figure of speech man lang yan mga padi..suba man lang...maka latik man lang!!

and next....

Johnlou "JL" del Socorro

Finally, dae nawara ang cellphone ni Johnlou..naka abot sya sa urulay this time.hehe..He arrived a little late na kasi “rank and file” daa..Hali sya sa WOrldtrade Center sa BUendia attending to their company’s expo..
Johnlou is based in Cebu..Duman naman sya nagtatrabaho asin naka istar..He is here in Manila para ngani sa expo sa Worldtrade, as well as some client call sa Bikol..He definitely took the opportunity to meet us here in Manila..thanks padi!!!

Anyway (favorite word!!!), alaskador pa man guiraray ining si Johnlou..naging paborito nyang target si Jeric, asin si agom ni Jeric..hehe..haros dae maka hirit si JEric sa sobrang pang aalaska ni JL(short of Johnlou)..Si agom man ni Jeric, game man sa pang aalaska..garo ngani panay ang kudot kay Jeric..of course, ang mga binubulgar ni JL mga babae (favorite topic!)..…lesson kay jeric, dae iiba si Misis pag arog ka ning okasyon..hehe..i wonder kung saen nag turog si Jeric kang bangging ito pag uli ninda..(siguro sa kotse.hehe)

Also, I must not forget, ikakasal na si Johnlou sa December..Invited ang Batch 93 (yehey!)...take Naga gaganapon ang kasal.garo padi manganganaan ka digdi.kadakol ni..hehe...

nevertheless, congrats to Johnlou..maray pa sya maagom pa lang..ako, raya nang mag agom.hehe.

next...last but not the least,

Menard “La Pussy” Olivan

What can I say to Menard..Nag abot ning alas-dose ning banggi..and he arrived with a bang!..may karag karag na tsiks.magka holding hands pa pag tsiks, magayon gayon..dae ko lang naihapot kung saan nya nakua (or napurot.hehe.).

I already described Menard sa mga inot kong blog..but he never fails na pirming may maiistorya ako saiya..Arog ngani ngonian, ginibo nyang surprise ang pag iba kang saiyang tsiks..maorag ka talaga padi!!

dae ko aram kung pina pa ara kami ni menard sa tsik nya...c beldad, garo na nagrara laway.feeling ko ngani, gusto naman pupugon ni beldad..pero syempre nagpugol.respeto naman kay menard..beldad even took pictures of the lady na kaibahan ni menard..naki suyo pa sako na ako na daa ang mag picture.simplehan ko lang daa.hehe...nice beldad!!

medyo dikit sana this time ang pag uulay mi ni Menard, ta pag abot nya, pauli na kami ni GinGin..Both of us (Gingin and me) needed to go na kasi si GinGin, pighahalat daa sya ni misis nyang 24 years old sa harong nya...asin ako, ma-bike pa saagang amay.So Sad!!!! ....How i wish na na-interbyu ko pa si tsiks na kaibahan niya.tsk.tsk..pero, nahapot ko si pangaran..Aya!!..Aya ang pangaran..Binanggit ko ta tanganing matandaan ko..hehe..(i hope okey lang ni kay menard!!peace padi!)

Honestly, it was hard to leave them, kaya lang may komprimiso man ngani.We left at around 12.30pm..Hinatod ko naman si Glenn sa harong nya..

Syempre, kan pauli nako sa harong, nag muni muni giraray ako..while driving, naisip ko si mga nawalat ko sa Pier One (still having fun!).naisip ko giraray ang okasyon na mga taong na meet ko giraray after a long long time..

as i recall this magical moment,

i thought.....

....maogma talaga ang arog kaining's like a reunion of a big family.

...that no matter how long na dae kami nagkaka hirilingan, there is something deep within ourselves that binds us..Iyo siguro ining pagiging sarong Atenista.No one has ever forget that he is once an Atenean..a part of batch 93.

and once again, as i end this blog entry, i thought of encouraging my other batchmates to join our next "mini-reunion" (as we call it), and experience as well for yourselves this magical moment..believe me, mayo man mawawara saimo, except of course for some cash sa paratakan..but it's nothing..

and take i said earlier, it doesn't matter now kung kabarkada mo ako kaidto o dae, kaklase mo man ako kaidto o dae..after 15 years, at this one point , we are all but a member of Ateneo Batch 93..

and if you are one of those na medyo nag duduwa duwa, think again..

join us!!!!!..and be young (even for a while)..