Monday, September 8, 2008

Im Back!!!..In time for the Whiterock..

After battling an "overtraining or over reaching" (whatever you call it) last week, i am happy to be back.Since last week, after my R&R period, i got what you so called symptoms of overtraining/overreaching. Feeling of apathy, comparatively high heart rate during resting periods, depression setting in, etc...It seems that my rests during the R&R was not enough.

Recognizing the symptoms, so i have slow down a bit on training last week.Also, rely on propoer nutrition to gain full recovery.I started to drink Herbalife shakes again!!!....On overtraining or overtraining, Joe Friel would say, "it is better to be on the side of undertraining, than on the ugly side of overtraining"(Triathlete's Training Bible).

So i did!

Last week, i deliberately slowed down..Disregarding the scheduled training regimens, and focused on active recoveries. Albeit still worried to loose some fitness, but Joe Friel had won over me..and it paid off..

Today, my first day of the week for training....Feeling stronger again, i did what i have skipped to do last week...Brick Training...

Brick Training

Woke up at 5.00am..Got the usual "tamad" feeling. Went to the shower immediately to win over it..Success!I was out at around 5.20am.

I planned to do an hour bike ride at an average speed of 30kph, and then a 2 hour run at a pace of 6.30km/min.

Bike Leg
At exactly 5.30, i am off biking..Riding on my new full carbon Giant TCR.Yoohoo!..I proceeded to MOA for the rounds.I have set to end the bike training at the hour mark. I got some hitches at the start of my ride when my Garmin bike pods didn't work. Only hassle was getting off the bike.But i was able to fix it in no time..
At the MOA, i was able to maintain my speed at 30kph.Bikers were not that many since MOnday is usually a rest day for most of the riders....It fits me just right.
The ride is usually uneventful. Just this time, i am more cautios on how my new bike works for me and how i work on the bike. Riding comfort, shifting, handling (i am a bit off with my 44 handlebar. I wanted to change it to either 42 or 40), to name a few of my concerns during the ride.
I got off the saddle at the 1 hour and 15 minute mark.

I have set up my transition area at my house. I elected to do so in consideration for the safe bike parking.
I arrived at my house at my Garmin's 1 hour and 15 mark. A little bit over 1 hour, but no big deal.
After parking my bike inside the house, taking one N.R.G tablet,running shoes change, wearing my hydration pack, cap, and shades, i am off running...Again, at the start of the run, i got some trouble setting up the foot pod this time for the Garmin. I haven't figured out yet how to change the setting from bike mode to running mode.Anyhow, i was to able fix it while running.

I did the rounds at the Rockwell center. I have planned to do the Buendia route but opted the less traffic and less smog Rockwell area.
I maintained my run at 6.30 km/min...I have planned to do a 2 hour run, but i immediately run out of hydration fluids. So I have to cut back my running time to 1hour and 30 mins. I thought its just alright. I don't want to risk being dehydrated. Bawi na lang!I have to be better equipped though for the next brick session.
But nevertheles, the run was pretty satisfying. I was able to monitor my pace the whole time. Frequently checking my Garmin every so often.
I ended my run at the Mandaluyong Circle. My favorite place for the cooldown run.
Did the strecthing at my house.

More importantly, i got to swig my ice cold Herbalife shake with extra protein to ensure recovery.

So there you have it, my BRICK..

I was happy to go through with it feeling stronger. I think the overtraining/overreaching is now a history..Just really glad to be back..In time for the Whiterock!!!.


Anonymous said...


Aha! may blog ka pala!!! Good luck sa whiterock!!! Lagay kita sa blogroll ko.

levy boy

Anonymous said...
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marga said...

norms! may blog ka pala! found you through levy virginia haha

Jaymie said...

Norman! Glad to have found your blog. Never would've known you train this hard all the time. See you more often at the races.

BTW, what's your Garmin? Bakit may footpod pa kung outdoors naman? Curious lang :)

Norman E. Pascual said...


im using a Garmin Forerunner50..Not GPS based as most of the Garmins..Uses footpod the Polar..

thanks for dropping by..