Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Should I or should I not get this?

I have been contemplating on this particular tri-gear...a chrono it is..

The New Louis Garneau Rocket Air Helmet has the aerodynamics of the 2007 model, but with much more ventilation. 2 new huge front vent inlets and 3 new large back vent outlets allow for maximum airflow and ventilation. Like the the original Rocket, it features a large fairing that almost rests on your back when in the time trial position, creating an uninterrupted air flow across your back.

Product Features:
Weight: 14.8 oz/420 g
Certifications: CPSC-ASTM-CE
Vents: 5
Ergobuckle: Quick-release helmet fastener with ergonomic shape
Keylock: Easy strap position adjustment
Spiderlock Elite Stabilizing Device: One-hand quick and accurate fit
Sealed Airdry: Better comfort and optimum ventilationAvailable in colors BLUE and WHITE/BLACK in the following sizes:Small: 20.5-22in, 52-56cmMedium: 22-23.25in, 56-59cmLarge: 23.25-24.4in, 59-62cm


For the past 2 days, i have been thinking of getting one..The idea came into my mind when a friend of mine called me asking if i wanted a new helmet.A Loius Garneau Rocket Helmet 2008, color blue (exactly the same as the above picture).And i asked, why??..He told me that he bought the helmet from an on-line store based in U.S. the other week.He really loved the helmet that's why he spent a few more dollars to get it shipped here in the Philippines.So it arrived the other day, and he got the package..But the problem is, the size of the helmet does not fit him.Arrg!!!..Too small!, he said to me.He followed the measurement guides on the site where he bought it, and it suggested a Large Size for him, but still didn't fit him. Still too small.
And now, he really wanted to dispatch it as quickly as possible.He doesn't want to spend another few more dollars to get it shipped back, and ask for a replacement...He opted to sell it to me..And of course, at a very reasonable price..

So i'm tempted..

I wanted to get it because..
.........undeniably, it really looks so cool.I can imagine wearing it, and looking like a pro-triathlete.hehehe.. I would love to wear it during my Whiterock Triathlon, and to all the Tri-Races i'll be joining in the future.
........ i never had used a chrono helmet.I wanted to feel the "aerodynamic" claim of it.Mas bibilis nga ba ako nito????hehe..Seriously, will it really help specially during "windy" bike rides.
........ i can have it at a very reasonable price.

But i'm having second thoughts, because...
....... though it looks cool to me, but at the same it also looks awkward.Parang kang si Astroboy...Not too many uses that kind of helmet, so i will indeed get some attention among my fellow riders especially during training rides.Buti kung kasing lakas ako ni Rayzon (Galdonez) mag bike.hehe..On tri events, no problem. i saw a lot of triathletes wearing it.
.....also, one minor concern, the color is little off to me..Albeit blue is my favorite color (green is also good too!), but it doesn't match with the color of my bike (big deal!)..OC lang!!..i have a black bike with yellow decals, parang hindi bagay.hehehe..

Anyway, the thought of getting it or not still bugs me.Honestly, i don't have enough PROS and CONS on my list..That's why i can't figure it out. (Laki ng problema mo tsong!!)

At the end of all the research and hearing all the comments/suggestions from my colleauges, if i am still undecided, Bahala na uli si Batman!!!!!


marga said...

get it bro :D

The foreign runner said...

i agree, why not. One day when I am big, I would like to get into gear like this... Enjoy your new helmet brother

Tech Spec said...

May blog ka na pala... hehehe. coolness. :)